The Team


Mathias Cheung, Atkin Chambers (@MathiasCheung)

DSCN1297_2I am currently a Pupil Barrister at Atkin Chambers. I have previously obtained my LLB at King’s College London and BCL at Oxford. As an international student from Hong Kong, I have always been fascinated by the multiculturalism that European Law represents, and my experience as a stagiaire at the Court of Justice of the EU has shown me the value of diversity and inclusiveness. To me, the UKAEL stands for an open-minded environment for lawyers of all backgrounds with a deep interest in law and society. I am keen to encourage student participation and raise awareness through our new student-driven EU Law Blog. If you have any questions at all or would like to get involved, do feel free to get in touch

Sofia Nocentini, King’s College London

Coming from Italy, one of the founding members of the European Union, I have always considered European citizenship as a key part of my identity. However, it was only during my first year as a LLB student that I started to actually appreciate its comprehensive and diversified nature. Therefore, as a Student Representative for UKAEL I aim, firstly, at making information about current issues in the EU readily available to students. Secondly, my personal objective would be to demystify some aspects of the Union and encourage a wider discussion. London, as a cultural melting pot, is the perfect platform to launch an international debate, which is fundamental in order to shape the future of the EU.

Kinga Robutka, King’s College London (@usebydate)

I have been particularly interested in the European project for quite some time now. Coming from Poland, I have witnessed the positive impact European law has had on my country throughout my entire life. During my first year of studying Law at King’s College London I got the chance to learn more about it, and then I decided to pursue a career in European law. Through my involvement as a Student Ambassador for the UKAEL I want to encourage a constructive and informed discussion amongst the incredibly diverse student community in London, which I believe will be vital for the future of the EU. Big decisions are lying ahead both in front of the European Union and the UK, therefore I believe now is the best time to engage the young people and start making a change from the grassroots level.

We are currently looking for more helping hands, especially students, to manage the blog and contribute posts regularly. If you have a passion for EU law, then don’t wait – email us at!

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